metalsmith-log-objects~metalsmithLogObjects([options]) ⇒ function

Metalsmith plugin. Log only useful information.

Kind: inner method of metalsmith-log-objects
Returns: function - metalsmith().use(callback) callback

Param Type
[ options ] Object
[ options.objects ] String
[ options.excludeKeys ] Array. < String >
[ options.suffix ] String

metalsmithLogObjects~logObject(thing, relevantInfo)

Given an object, log its properties.

Kind: inner method of metalsmithLogObjects

Param Type
thing String
relevantInfo Object

metalsmithLogObjects~logObjects(files, metalsmith, done)

Maps global metadata or serves as metalsmith files iterator.

Kind: inner method of metalsmithLogObjects

Param Type Description
files Object keyed by filename from metalsmith
metalsmith Object instance
done function


Log an individual file.

Kind: inner method of logObjects

Param Type Description
file String key in files